Cable Guy 30 Litre Keg Label

Cable Guy 30 Litre Keg

ALC. 4.9% VOL. | 30 Litre Keg

Cable Guy 4.9% ABV
A precision brewed IPA with a gentle malt sweetness and juicy hop forward flavours, followed by a mellow, lasting bitterness. Dark golden in colour with tropical fruit aromas make Cable Guy a thirst-quenching Session IPA.

The Inspiration:
Born in Dumfries in 1824, James Anderson grew up with a longing to be a seaman. A dream he would realise through a seaman’s apprenticeship with the Shipping company T&J Brocklebank in Whitehaven where his career went from strength to strength. By the age of 20 Anderson was commanding his own ship for Cunard, who by this time owned The Whitehaven company. He was eventually headhunted to captain The Great Eastern, Brunel’s Giant of a steamer (5 times larger than any ship built before it), commissioned to lay the first Transatlantic Cable from England to the North American Mainland, a previously incomprehensible task, akin at the time to landing a man on the moon! Queen Victoria would later bestow a Knighthood on Anderson for his efforts, and we here at Ennerdale Craft Brewery Salute you Sir, with this American IPA!



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Cable Guy 30 Litre Keg

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